Albino deer


harry potter spin-off tv series meme (006/?)

hog’s head inn | upon the reading of the final will and testament of aberforth dumbledore, dean (stewart-jarrett) and seamus (garfield) find themselves the joint owners of the hog’s head inn. it’s only after settling in that they realize there are a few strings attached. first there’s demelza (mavor) the barmaid, who spouts prophesies in a mix of homer, ibsen, and sunday comic strips. then there are the regulars - professors aurora sinistra (bassett) and septima vector (aghdashloo) and their love affair which mostly seems to consist of gossiping about other patrons and very elegant eye sex; rival quidditch coaches dave baxter (hardy) and darius nightray (elba) and their ongoing gobstones feud; and cassander guthrie (rush), who might have once been the head of the department of mysteries, but also might be a pathological liar. he does, after all, claim to have known dean’s father.

or, the harry potter sitcom.


Paintings by self-taught artist David Whittaker


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India 2009


One of my NYE resolutions was to draw more landscapes and backgrounds. I wanted to start off with forests since they create interesting light sources and I gotta say, I’ve learned a lot in just two months.

All of these images are from photos I’ve found around tumblr, unfortunately I do not have sources. However, I do reblog a lot of nature stuff on my alternative tumblr: pepperdolly.tumblr.com 

Russell Tomlin - Pacific Layers




"Map of African politico-tribal units circa 1844 by Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon"

This map shows how Africa may have looked like if it had not been colonized.

Have you ever wondered how Africa would have looked like if it had not been colonized by Europeans? The map below of African politico-tribal units circa 1844 by Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon shows how Africa was in pre-colonial times.

For additional reading, check out Cyon’s presentation on the map and Rachel Strohm’s article on ‘The colonization counterfactual‘.


the presence of a Sultanate suggests to me that there is still Arabic colonization in this version of Africa